Monday, February 8, 2010

Scorpio Man Space When A Scorpio Man Feels Hurt & Disrespected Is There Any Chance To Get Him To Trust Again?

When a Scorpio man feels hurt & disrespected is there any chance to get him to trust again? - scorpio man space

So it does seem to hurt and disrespect know aw scorpion, or even what I was doing. The stopped talking to me b / c he said he was excited .... Well, when asked whether he was still angry, said: "I do not know." Should I try to talk to him or just keep him space. If I did not call for 1 month, said he did not fail, but really, I'm dying to talk to him. He has a lot of self as I know, even if he dies with me to speak to win, "tb / c it's a very macho. What to do and what feels just like I thought he did not care no more


Spaceball Ricochet said...

When he said: "I do not know" (ie: I want to be with you, but not really) and excited he was not calling for so long, then obviously he wants to be with you. Just majorly tested.

Calling. Hound him. Annoy the hell out of him, too. Yes, they hurt you, and yes to answer their calls and not well yes, you can cry now. But secretly, he is the love and commitment, although annoying at first, will be accepted in the days or weeks, that is really important.

It's a mind game ... do not know what happened or how it really deserves. It seems difficult, but ... It is one thing, Scorpio, unfortunately. We Suck time. I'm willing to bet that the intent is malicious or hurt ... just to prove that you do not want him hurt.

Scorpios like to be alone ... But how to choose when they are alone. If you want to be alone answer, you do not cover their calls. If you onlyprove to yourself, then you are welcome to the secret that dogs him. Suppose you die to talk to him. Tell him all faiths openly emotional than you ... He loves you, but does not (probably). Basically, he wants to live up to the figurative end of turn. So ... do is as much as possible and necessary, without its own respect and dignity (ie: honest with him and to be yourself ... if you get angry against him, then I would say that we are scorpions ... call our BS is not so dangerous to think like most people is good, at least not if you really want that) the person would not for a long time you have good sight.

But take care of completely. Scorpio is very emotional, but as you said, have an incredible self-control ... If you do not care for you, would not be a waste of time and acting like such a baby about it.

EDIT: Ah, yes ... also for what the first person said ... Scorpio would rather be pursued, even though it may seem. IfStart from the other guys * * benefit from his return, you can be sure it will backfire and you lose the last drop of confidence which they lost to you, and not forever. His task now is to limit the damage ... not cause more damage (eg if the problem he has is that he does not believe the attention to do that then something to show, You Do not Care) is not the best idea. Scorpios want a complete capitulation ... If this seems to fight a real possibility and not time. Reverse psychology and things do not work in Scorpio ... It's best to call your bluff. In the worst case, I will not speak again.

not here said...

Scorpio boys never say what I do not feel like the words ... Forgot move

artutina said...

On The Radio, it has the best! In fact, with the right mouse button on the money! It is not impossible if you care and have feelings for you. Believe me ....... ....... I know I'm a Scorpio. He is sensitive and emotional, is therefore by what happened violated and that he would sell to you. May they not be respected or that their feelings / ego hurt. Do not give up or ignore, then he was hired to be convinced that you have no interest and do not intend to be loyal to and not. Not a good way to recover at all. When you enter the real trouble, you will notice and give him another chance. Scorpio men seem difficult and at any time, but have a big heart and a good feeling.

♥ k ♥ said...

I know what you, because I was set up, and I must say it is hard, mean the trust / respect back to Scorpio ... But not impossible!
So, if you really like this guy is and that you think, unfortunately, because scorpions, like those that control the relationship.
Good luck: D

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